It all started when...

Risail Specialty Systems was originally started under another company name by a German immigrant (Mr. Glass) about 20 years ago. He was very surprised by the size of the average North American home, In Germany each space in their home was required to do double or even triple duty, multi-functional furniture was the norm. He was surprised to discover this furniture concept had not yet reached North America...An idea was born!

Mr. Glass then spent the next few years researching high quality products and developing his company. After many successful years he felt a call to help more immigrants learn and adjust to a North American way of life and so started the search for a successor. Eventually he found Sailles Sutton, a woman with an accounting background, a drive to see the company continue to be a success, and who loves to tinker and understand "how things work".


I want to let all the current and future customers of the company know, that I will strive each and every day to provide the utmost in customer service and to continue to provide high quality products they can count on for years to come.

Sailles Sutton